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SynapseIndia Reviewed Top Voice Calling Mobile Applications

Most of the smartphone users rely upon voice calling mobile applications to connect with their companion and relatives who stay abroad in light of the fact that its is reasonable ( actually free) and one can even do video chat. To make it doable such applications use data connection or internet connection. One needs to simply download an application, switch on the Wifi system or data connection and you are all set to make a call to whomever you want. Here SynapseIndia is reviewed top five voice calling applications which are accessible for free of cost and are available for diverse platforms.


Skype is a popular platform for voice calling as well as video conferencing. It is most likely one of the greatest way to easily connect with friends, family, colleagues or anyone else. Moreover, the platform offers a consistent support on distinctive mobile operating systems and it likewise adjusts well with desktop PC. In a few nations one can likewise utilize Skype credits to call other cellular telephones, and additionally landlines.


Viber, established in 2010, has increased huge prominence as it is an easy to use application that coordinates flawlessly crosswise over diverse platforms. One can utilize Viber to send instant messages, pictures, stickers, voice messages, and obviously, make calls as well.


LINE is additionally accessible for download crosswise over different mobile operating systems furthermore permits to have group chats. It is fairly like Twitter or Facebook, wherein you can post, update as well as comment on the timeline of people in your network.


WeChat is yet another choice for video calls, voice calls, talks, group chats, et cetera. WeChat has a photograph stream where you can impart minutes to your companions, games in which you can contend with your companions, and it additionally has an immense assortment of security controls.


Nimbuzz is likewise another application which permits you to make calls, video calls, send messages, and so on. It likewise has chatrooms, and document sharing. Nimbuzz credits permit you to make modest calls to different numbers as well.

About SynapseIndia:

SynapseIndia is pioneer web & mobile application development company with its offices located in countries – India, UK and US. From last more than 15 years, company has served to the clients across the worlds with successful delivery of projects more than 3000 in number. Today, company is counted as India’s leading organization and widely acknowledged for its quality work. Excellent feedbacks have been provided by SynapseIndia’s clients for their awesome work.

Magento Vs. Opencart – Which Should You Choose?

Magento Vs. Opencart – The similarities

Generally, Magento and OpenCart actually have a lot in common. They are both open source platforms that are ultimately designed to facilitate eCommerce activity.
Both are developed in PHP and use templates to upload products, so they can be maintained by non-programmers. They are also rich in resources such as extensions, add-on products and plugins that can easily be added to them to support new functions.
Shamit Khemka, CEO of SynapseIndia find out one of the greatest advantages that both Magento and OpenCart users enjoy is their ability to support multiple languages and currencies, making them a global solution that can suit businesses all around the world.

Magento Vs. Opencart – The disimilarities

The one major difference between Magento and Opencart is rooted in their uses and features. Magento has been gaining world wide recognition for its ability to do just about anything you like and build the store of your dreams. It offers highly customizable shopping experiences, unlimited design options, powerful SEO resources and unlimited plugins and integrations. Every feature you can think of was probably built already and is available on MagentoCommerce.

OpenCart on the other hand is a lot easier to program, but has a smaller community basis. Its great for start-ups that need to deliver quickly without many integrations. It provides a powerful shopping cart and some great tools which are far more intuitive and straight forward, so much so that some professional developers may find it a bit too simplistic, with not enough features to play with.

SynapseIndia is a leading website and PHP development company. IT Mentor & an Entrepreneur SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemkaspread their business across the globe. They have more than 300 full time professionals and all the experts at SynapseIndia working in tandem to achieve good feedback from clients. They have already delivered more than 3000 thousand projects andSynapseIndia has achieved better reviews on Glassdoor. They pass on complete quality solutions for website development services and getting good Reviews on various SynapseIndia PHP Web development projects.

PHP framework gives developers control over MVC

Equipped with a peculiar name and described as a “really bad PHP framework” by its own creator, the newly unveiled Bastard framework leverages the Model View Controller development pattern but lets developers build the MVC functions themselves.

As per SynapseIndia CEO Shamit khemka ” the framework is described as loosely MVC in nature. Developers create their own controlers, views, and models from scratch based on their own ideas.”You’re not inheriting from a Controller class or a View class unless you want to build something that way you’re just writing code to get a job done.”

What makes the framework bad? Smith-Hayes(developer of this framework) says the description is a bit of double-edged sword. “It really abuses two things to make it function properly: the Nginx rewrite engine for incoming requests, and the PHP super-global variable $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]. With the exception of the CSS files – and soon JavaScript – every single request is filtered through the root directory’s index.php file. This creates a bottleneck-style landing page for all types of requests.

However, developers leveraging this scenario also have absolute control over what faces the world from their server, he said. The term “bad” is not intended to be sarcastic, Smith-Hayes explained. The word “bad” is meant to note how the framework does things a little differently and some people are not going to like that, he said.

Developers can work with designers and clients to build quick, scalable applications. Smith-Hayes added that there is not a large market for PHP software built exclusively for Nginx, but he believes it is “kind of neat” to have something functional for the world to see. He describes the current version as a 0.1 early-stages beta release. Bastard is hosted on GitHub. “As I add more features and write and rewrite the functionality, that number will slowly inch up toward 1.0, which I guess will be the stable release.

SynapseIndia has received fantastic reviews for their PHP projects.

Use WordPress For eCommerce Portals

They claim top notch services in the field of IT sectors within tight deadlines. Employee at SynapseIndia never gets complaints from clients for deadlines, So, it is one of the trusted offshore software development company, that is easily completed the projects with a minimum span of time. IT Mentor & an Entrepreneur SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka is responsible to make this organization robust and reliable.

There are many reasons why WordPress is so widely used :

It’s easy to use.

It’s super simple to customize the appearance of a website

Best of all, WordPress is absolutely FREE to use.

With so many perks, it’s easy to see why WordPress is so popular. But the question is this: Is it a good system for an e-commerce website?

Absolutely! It’s not just for blogs anymore and some strong features for e-commerce.

Reason To Use WordPress for E-Commerce?

Plugins boost functionality: WordPress offers a great variety of plugins, including e-commerce plugins, which allow you to customize the functionality of your online store. E-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce offer great features, including complex shipping options, sales and inventory charts, credit/debit payment integration, customer reviews, follow-up emails and much more.

Themes for beauty and function: There are hundreds of themes available with added features. This is helpful for web designers, because they can customize websites with these features already built in. A theme is a great starting point for most WordPress web designers.

Compares well against others: WordPress also stands up against other e-commerce options like Magento, Opencart, Prestashop or Shopify. Some, like Magento, must be built from scratch, while others (Shopify, for example) are much more limited in themes and plugins.

The top names characteristics

Knowing that this particular place has great developers and getting hold of one is totally different thing. While looking for fine developers for any eCommerce project you must make sure to look over certain basic aspects. The developer or development team must have thorough knowledge of Magento customization. Taking feedback from various SynapseIndia employee working on Magento platform, it has been found that the options magento offers to website builders are more than any other eCommerce platform.

Zend Making PHP Development Easier For Oracle Users

Zend Technologies had recently announced plans to enhance open source PHP development on Oracle databases via a free package called Zend Core for Oracle.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka Says,  PHP is building momentum as a development paradigm and possible alternative to Java and Microsoft’s .Net, although the technology could be used in mixed application environments. PHP is part of the up-and-coming open source application stack dubbed LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl/PHP/Python).

Zend Core is intended to streamline PHP development on Oracle’s database, which otherwise can be complicated, according to Zend Vice President Pamela Roussos. “It can be a very time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone process. What we’re doing is we’re doing all the work,” Roussos said. The Zend Core package enables PHP applications to be up and running with an Oracle  database within minutes, she said.

PHP, she said, was designed “from the bottom up to be for the Web.” Java, meanwhile, is more suitable for heavy-duty transactional applications whereas .Net is geared specifically toward Windows, she noted.”PHP is a very, very different language than Java. Essentially it’s a scripting language rather than a compiled language” .

“As we see PHP become more mainstream it’s vital for us to support the technology in the most reliable and high-performance manner. Combined with Zend’s performance suite, we can offer our customers a compelling story,” said Yvette Montiel, strategic marketing manager for Web services at Sun. SynapseIndia has received fantastic reviews for their Flex projects.

Zend Collaborations With Top Notch I.T Company In Development

Hoping to spur its open source development strategies, IBM has announced a deal with Zend Technologies to create what it believes is among the first integrated programming solutions using the Web-based PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) language.

IBM officials also committed to delivering at least 30 existing software projects to open source developers.

The Zend agreement calls for the integration of two open source technologies: IBM’s Cloudscape database and Zend’s PHP environment. The combined technologies will create Zend Core for IBM, to serve as an “out-of-the-box” PHP development and production environment allowing corporate users to more easily develop, deploy, and manage open source applications.

Both companies also announced they will jointly work to include database integration frameworks and improved PHP Web services standards.

IBM officials said they hope their endorsement of PHP will drum up more support among developers for Cloudscape.

“Rants about PHP are everywhere, and they even come from smart guys. Speaking on the pros and cons of PHP, SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka mentioned few points which really define the importance of the language.”

“The two products are the PHP Enabler, which is intended to let PHP programs and cases, SynapseIndia developed the PHP programs to run smoothly on Sun’s Web server, and the Zend Performance Suite, which uses code acceleration, content caching and other software tricks to improve the performance of PHP on the Sun platform, the companies said.”

SynapseIndia is successfully growing with 5 Star Feedback from all Clients Globally

SynapseIndia, the leading IT services provider company in India, is one of the fastest growing IT company with excellent feedbacks & reviews from clients across the world. The growth of SynapseIndia over the period of last 15 years has been recognized globally with more than 3,500+ successfully completed projects & friendly working environment.

A client who picked SynapseIndia for PHP Website improvement work says, “Very competent in wide range: PHP, OSCommerce, Server Config, Gateway Setup …etc.” Another client outsourced CodeIgniter work commented as “Excellent work by SynapseIndia with results provided as per the commitment.”

As per SynapseIndia’s CEO Shamit Khemka, “It has been outstanding journey towards success. It is our talented employees who made us achieve the leading position & retain it through their innovative work. Over the past 15 years, the organization has gone through the many new changes to enhance the quality of our services & processes more and more. As the company embraces and encourages change for good, it prizes perpetuity in its mission and core values to create a perfect life balance for employees.”

Also, a client who hired the company twice for development & enhancements of their online store build in Magento, commented – “Very professional. My second time working with SynapseIndia and it has been worry free both times. I will definitely use them again and recommend to anyone who needs an eCommerce website.

A client benefitted by .Net Framework consulting services by SynapseIndia says, “Very professional team with sound knowledge of .Net, helped us in making decisions on implementing custom features. They were available to talk regularly and helped move our project along in a timely manner. I would work with them again.

Client who picked the company for their Web Application on MS Sharepoint upgradation provided feedback – “Great job. We are very happy with the redesign of our application. Now, we plan to rehire SynapseIndia to continue with the next phase of the website redesign with them.”

Another client in the list who hired SynapseIndia for MS Dynamic CRM based Aviation Fuel ordering online system, reviewed company on outsourcing website & commented, “Very Professional and good quality of work delivered by SynapseIndia”.

SynapseIndia offers a wide array of services related to website & mobile application development. Right from web design & development for your business to mobile application development, eCommerce solutions & online marketing, they take all the responsibilities. Skilled teams at SynapseIndia keep themselves updated about most recent technologies & platforms. They develop top notch IT solution by making use of cutting edge technologies including PHP, .Net, Magento, Shopify, MS, Cloud and some more.

A client who took the services for the job of Shipping and Transports Website’s mobile app built for Android & iOS versions, commented about SynapseIndia – “ SynapseIndia are certainly in the top 1% for Mobile application development, they were higher in price than every other company, but they clearly had the background to complete the site. They acted professionally when dealing with a client that can be difficult. Bottom line though, they provided a top shelf site on final delivery. I highly recommend SynapseIndia. When they take the job, they have the ability and the team to complete the job.

Client of SynapseIndia for SQL server and based project reviewed with comment – “I had a good experience working with SynapseIndia.”

SynapseIndia is recruiting more number of employees to meet the rising demand for its services. The company is investing in additional manpower as the economy and its business fortunes continue to improve in 2015.

Client picked SynapseIndia for Bootstrap Template to include GridView on web portal, appreciated the developers and commented – “Good Developers updated with the latest technology trends who provided regular consultation without being asked for to improve my business.

Following CMMI level processes, SynapseIndia has built a transparent evaluation system based on employee’s performance wherein immediate reporting person of every employee add ratings and comments every month. These rating and comments should be accepted/approved by employee which is not available in any other company. There are several parameters on which an immediate reporting person evaluates the performance of each of his/her team member which is a full proof method and transparent for everyone.

“Technology has become so much more flexible and immediate in today’s time which brings out great benefits for all our clients and also keeps costs down for business.” CEO Shamit Khemka added.

Apart from development related works, an SEO client who hired SynapseIndia to improve their Online brand reputation, says, “Our initial experience working with SynapseIndia is great as their complaint management team has really benefitted our online business & we are definitely moving forward with this company!

Employees at SynapseIndia work with motto to provide client satisfaction without giving them any chance to complaints in any cases. Effective Strategies & friendly work environment that embraces to its learning culture and offers various growth opportunities to its employees makes it a popular company to work for. Also, check our latest SynapseIndia Recruitment plan based on reviews and feedback by employees and clients satisfaction rate.