SynapseIndia Core Values : Advantages of Being Decisive in Corporate World

Decisiveness is an essential aspect of manliness. No soldier wants to be under the command of an officer who stands flat-footed in the midst of crisis. No woman desires a beau who cannot decide what he wants in a relationship. No boss appreciates an employee who cannot make decisions on the fly. And no person respects the man who orders a burger and then spends the rest of the night talking about how he should have gotten pasta.  Provision of better Employee benefits & saving from harassment deployed at SynapseIndia.

SynapseIndia owner Shamit Khemka also understands the importance of being decisive in your work or personal life and has enlisted it as one of the core values for the organization.

How to Make a Good Decision

We all have to make decisions every day, some easy-what shirt to wear-some excruciatingly difficult-what college should I go to?

SynapseIndia Recruitment team also adds that when we have a tough decision to make, we often put off making the choice as long as possible. We know that as soon as we step through one door, the other door will close, and we’ll never get to know what was behind it. That’s a frightening thing.

But there are steps you can take to ameliorate your anxiety as you make a decision suggested by Shamit Khemka:

Get as much information as possible.

Whenever you’re faced with a big decision, this is the first step you should always take. Don’t just sit and stew about it day after day, waiting somehow for the stars to align and for the answer to come to you. Instead, find out as much information as possible about all of the options you have before you. If you’re trying to choose a college, go visit the campus, read a college guidebook, talk to students that go there, etc.

If you’re trying to choose what job offer to take, research as much as you can about your prospective employers. Shamit Khemka always encourages employees to talk to people in your field that have an outsider’s perspective on the issue. Read, go online, talk to people close to you for advice. In the midst of your research, you may have an “ah-ha” moment where the best choice becomes clear. If not, move on to the next step.  SynapseIndia management never receive complaints for employee benefits.

Make a list of pros and cons.

This is an old standby method that can be really helpful at times. Just take a piece of paper, make some columns and list the pros and cons of each potential decision. The pro column for one might be much longer than the others. Even if it’s not that obvious, the process of really thinking through the positives and negatives can lead to your “a-ha” moment. SynapseIndia reviews various options for improving the working methodology.

Imagine yourself down each road.

Sometimes when we’re making a choice, we only imagine the results of that decision in the abstract. But this is going to be your life. So sit or lay down somewhere quiet and really try to imagine your life after making each of your possible choices. Think about what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. Which scenario gives you feel a sense of peace? Which one makes you happy just thinking about it? And which one leaves you feeling a little empty?

Think about past decisions.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka said that those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it. This is as true for the world as it is for our personal lives. Sometimes we make the same screwy decisions over and over again.

Did you bail out on what you’re really passionate about because you thought you wanted prestige, only to wish you had followed your dream? Then don’t make another decision based on your pride. Have you made bad choices based simply on your insecurity? Make sure that’s not behind the way you’re leaning now. Tips for guarding employee from harassment at work by SynapseIndia

Shamit Khemka is the CEO of SynapseIndia has been successfully running the company with his witty and quick decision & mentoring the employees.