SynapseIndia CSR Activity : Encouraging Ancient Indian Culture & Education

Many companies already have programs that encourage employees to volunteer in their communities. We at SynapseIndia welcome any help and support from these and ask them to reach out for Chandramauli Trust.

Chandramauli trust is situated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in which currently more then 200 young kids are taking basic education, learning vedic Indian culture, sanskrit and exploring the advantages of Yoga. C.E.O. Shamit Khemka was immensely influenced with the ideology of the trust and on his first visit to the trust made the decision to be a part of this sacred mission.

Shamit Khemka understanding the importance of Ancient Indian culture mentioned that  “Modern education teaches you how to earn, to collect, to amass the means of happiness but not how to obtain happiness itself. The ancient education system was for eternal everlasting peace of mind which consequently manifested infinite peace.This gave them a detached way of thinking because detachment meant experiencing or realizing the uniting thread and hence, serving that manifestation of Supreme Consciousness who is the embodiment of all living souls and gives an attached way of serving the Self.”

The children are learning Shukla Yajurveda satsvar alongside memorizing Panini’s Ashthadhayayi containing 4000 grammar rules. The curriculum includes Literature, Nyaya darshan, spoken Sanskrit as well as modern subjects. Children are provided with a complete education, clothing, food and live on site all-year round. Shamit Khemka is not only providing them with the basic teaching aids, clothes, medical supports but also helping the trust with their computer labs and expansion plan.

Being the owner of SynapseIndia, Shamit Khemka also encourages his employees and associates to be a part of such mission. Despite his busy schedules and conferences, He regularly visits the trust to keep an update on upcoming programs and events in the trust.