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A 5 Steps Guide to Design an Awesome Company Website

You might have heard of, “First impression is always the last” a common phrase. When it comes to your company’s official website, it requires an intellectual and sleek design. A website can either attract or drive away visitors. If your site were dull, boring or highly unattractive, that would appear as a major reason to why your visitors might drive away. In a modern age like this, no one is interested in waiting, so if your site lags that would result negatively for the image of your company. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka says that It is quite simple really; a website designed poorly would result in visitors doubting the company’s relevance and credibility.If your website tends to lag there could be numerous reasons; it is generic and un-customized, formatted for only one device, lacking in visual appear or missing a clear marketing strategy. Not to worry, there are many sites facing the same problems, and to avoid them

One must understand the kind of market they want to capture in order to present things according to their level for a positive response. Therefore, that directs the first step to; understand your company’s market, customer base, and leads. For this, you will need to know how and why someone would visit or how he or she will use the website. Your aim here is to prove your company’s capabilities by solving any customers’ problem in the most suitable way possible. SynapseIndia takes regular feedback from employees working on various project to improve the analysis and strategy aspects of new projects.

What do customers look for when searching for a solution to their problems? They look for the benefits offered by each company in order to decide which is best to get their job done. Whilst designing your website you need to make them an offer they cannot refuse, by adding value to your project you are not only retaining a customer but you are also strengthening your customer base.

Shamit Khemka also insist that a marketing strategy is required to base a strong website. Design your website in such a unique way that any visitor who views it gets a proper insight of what your company has to offer and that your company is definitely the one to solve all their problems.

Understanding your customers’ needs is one thing, understanding the tendencies, motives and how a specific customer tends to make their decisions could give you the lead as to how you should approach them. This kind of understanding can help you to develop detailed buyer personas for each type of customer. Generally, the more you know your customers and their decision-making strategies, the more you can cater your design, voice and messaging according to their needs with perfection. Considering this information, you can alter the messaging and voice of your website to speak to your customer, answer to their individual need, and prompt them to act. However, this process should take place before you design your website.

Generally, it all depends on the language you choose. The biggest mistake most companies tend to make is they do not choose the language they want their site to have, and instead they simply hire an agency first. That the worst you could do for your own website, judging by the fact that you are technically paying for everything the agency recommends, and that does not necessarily mean they know what you have in mind.

It is all about competition in the end, which means bringing something new to table. Whereas hiring an agency to do all the thinking for you as they will only recommend the language they have experience in. Even if you hire the best in town, and you have seen their work being up to the mark, that still does not necessarily mean they would know about all the possibilities. They have nothing to compare. In addition, all agencies have a typical mind frame; you are missing making your website different from all the mainstream websites.

Bottom-line here; choose a language to design your website in a way that it will add great value.

Think of your website as a long, straight, clear-shot highway – a road that tends to offer a stop relevant for each visitor. Similar to the creation of a great a highway your website requires extensive planning and thorough workings to get the desired results. Hence, with thorough planning your website structure to fit a site map along with a wire frame, it is bound to get many hits.

No one likes a complicated website that has no proper path. One should keep it simple and easy to help the customers find what they need with ease. They should not have to go through any sort of hassle just to figure out what are your specialties’. With the help of a wireframe for your website, you can direct paths for each persona. Including resources and tools to help your buyers’ learn more about the company quicker.

With the rise of technology all over the world, your site needs optimization to suit each set of devices individually or else it is most likely suffering massively. Instead of using desktops to visit your company’s website, most customers would use their tablets or smartphones to do so. It used to be a whole lot more difficult before to own a mobile site, as each company was required to build an entirely separate site and host it on a sub-domain. Today, technology has simplified things to the extent that all you need to do is build your site and your site will automatically respond to every type of viewing device. Check out latest SynapseIndia Recruitment plan for IT aspirants & Software engineers.

Why do you need an Expert PHP Development Company by your Side?

With more and more advancement in the technology hemisphere and primarily in the web development center the need for advanced support comes into the scene. As the technology of PHP has been here for quite a long time every now and then you will find someone telling that they are the authority in this regards.

Having a basic know-how over some theoretical parts and a little exposure to the contact form making doesn’t make someone expert in PHP. When you are seeking the support of a genuine developer make sure to look for technical expertise and awarded career for fine end-result. SynapseIndia PHP Development has received fantastic reviews for their completed projects by Clients. A wise decision would be always staying away from freelancers and being with a reputed firm.

The Benefit of PHP Development Company Hiring:

IT business always seeks advanced service support, better turnaround and strong data security. All these are obtainable only from genuine PHP software Development Company. This is why people seeks to go ahead with a firm which has a time proven track record of delivering top-notch service to customers coming with similar demand line. Recently, SynapseIndia Customized a developed PHP template of client on our feedback with required changes.

A professional agency understands the need of customer and keeping themselves in the shoe of them crafts the solution. Hiring a reputed name offers you with multitude benefits which can primarily be segregated into two major division and i.e. technical benefit and Operational or business benefit. Let’s begin with the technical part.


Any professional PHP developer has to know various programming languages and server environment like Microsoft ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MS Visual Basic and C++, C, Borland C++, Visual C++, MFC, ATL, STL, OWL, SQL, HTML, XHTML, XML, DHTML, PHP, Ruby, ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, Java Script, VB Script, VBA, Action Script, Perl, Python, CGI, Java, J2EE, J2ME, UNIX Shell Programming along with many other to name a few.

In the technology part they will have thorough know-how of Windows .Net, Win32 API, Java, J2EE, J2ME, JDBC, OpenGL, XML/XSL, XHTML, XPATH, SOAP, XML-RPC, WSDL, AJAX and DOM. The expertise and authority over databases structure and management of them is mandatory. Some major names like MS SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, Firebird, Microsoft Access, Oracle (PL/SQL), PostGreSQL (PL/pgSQL) always remain in their knowledge bank IBM DB2.

Extensive knowledge of different operating systems and platforms is considered as an added flavor. This list comprises of MS Windows NT / 95 / 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista, Win CE, Unix OpenBSD/FreeBSD/NetBSD, Solaris, Linux RedHat/Mandrake/Debian, RTOS and Embedded Linux. One can also check reviews of PHP developers of SynapseIndia on Glassdoor.

Now let’s shift the focus to operational benefits as that too is a great advantage to have in the hired team.

Operational and Business Benefits:

Not every developer has got the flair of business logic and they always tend to focus more on coding and following your command blindly. This sometimes is the case with some of the major names too. To make sure you get the most perfect service you sometimes need to hear what you don’t want to. A team with the right business understating can offer you with better suggestions from coding point of view for the betterment of your business.  Better bond between SynapseIndia employee make them work as a team and achieve better results for clients.

The operational cost often touches sky and that can only be manageable with right project management of SDLC. This makes the operation smooth and much more effective. Another major benefit for hiring professional in any PHP project of yours is through understanding of SEO for market success in today’s online world.

And just in case you have made up your mind, let us know.

Future of Mobile Application Development is Evolving for Good

The segment of mobile apps has seen a sea change in recent years and the field is as evolving as it can get. The advent of multi-platform synergy has created a equivalent workspace in different platforms and that is aiding third party vendors immensely. Not only scaled down versions of popular desktop applications finding a place in mobile media, there is an increasingly narrowing gap between cross platform user experience. This has catered to the growth of independent software firms who cater to the specific niches of mobile media. While Java is still when it comes to application development, the market share is garnered by other device specific platforms like Android SDK.

The latest trend in mobile application development though is showing strong signs of revival of java based applications. SynapseIndia mobile team presented cases of new version of iOS application development which states that Today’s apps are more efficient that even of enterprise software of 20 years ago, no wonder they cater to serious business nowadays. The prediction on application downloads is set at 76.9 million by 2015. SynapseIndia has received fantastic reviews for various Mobile app development on native platforms. This is quite a statement or assumption to make as the forecasters, IDC claimed that the number can be more. In this scenario the traditional contracts with third party vendors might not hold valid as mobile will be medium of acquiring applications. With clouds taking efficiency to enterprise level, the remote computing phenomenon is catching up rather aggressively.

Cross Platform Functionality: An Essential in Apps development:

Enterprises in recent times are making forays into intellectual mobile space. This not only means they are prone to developing their own enterprise solution; it also gives them more control over their digital data. In this context of mobile apps development for enterprise, the sheer count of content/fields makes app development a bit complicated at times. Often an enterprise-level mobile application development results in fragmentation problem. Employee receives great client feedback for SynapseIndia iphone app development project.

The success of an app that drives a mobile business lies with its coherence with evolution in network speed, data portability and business-level data utilization (especially in case of large, server-driven data analysis/processing).

These applications are aided by the fact that enterprise data will become more useful and accessible. Cloud based solutions will thus become absolutely a vital asset. This brings into purview another fact that cross platform functionality of modern apps is the key ingredient of finding the balance between scalability and user experience. Experts from SynapseIndia Reviews team believe that, the sector is going through an exciting transitional phase where the traditional approaches are getting translated to modern verticals.

Changing Trends of Web Design & Development in 2015

The web world has experienced a great deal of changes in the recent years. Some have been exceptionally helpful to the future advancement of the online business while a few has restricted its expansion. In any case, the badly developed changes that did not demonstrate too well for the online world were wiped out soon enough and propelled technologies were presented. With all the ascent and falls, web design and development has become truly effective in deciding the future of an online business.

These days, if you don’t have site for your big or small business, you don’t have anything by any means. No more is a business site considered an extravagance however it is a need. All entrepreneurs are very much aware of this and this is the explanation behind them to pay gigantic total of cash to design and add to a site. Who does this designing and building thing? Obviously, without expert learning and skill, you can’t anticipate that somebody will develop or design for a business site.

Various site configuration layouts are accessible on the web. Numerous entrepreneurs bring this point of preference to chop down speculation and that is precisely where they commit the greatest mistake of their lives. Regardless of what are your budgetary incorporations, you ought to have the capacity to give a remarkable affair to the web clients and not the same designs that they see everywhere throughout the web. You have to make your site a more customized one so that easygoing visitors are captivated and consider changing over.

In the event that you are an accomplished web architect, you will comprehend that different standards and standards are focused to make a compelling design.

As indicated by late surveys and explanations made by famous tech individuals on the planet, design & development are no more free of one another. To be more precise, they never were. However, now they have turn out to be more interlinked and this calls for more noteworthy understanding and sharing of knowledge between the developers and designers.

If you are looking for an accomplished web expert to help you build an online presence, SynapseIndia, leading web design & development organization could be a great choice. Awesome Reviews on various SynapseIndia latest Web design & development projects have been provided by the clients. SynapseIndia is working in tandem to achieve good feedback from clients.

Besides performing great at their job, employees at SynapseIndia believe in celebrations & fun at work. SynapseIndia celebrations gives a chance to employee to bond together that lead to a supportive work environment. Also management support such activities and several outdoor activities are organized by SynapseIndia to enrich team bond.