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SynapseIndia Core Values : Importance of Being Goal Oriented towards Work

Being Goal Oriented describes the actions of people and organizations regarding their primary aims. In business, goal orientation is much needed skill that affects how the company works towards its revenues and plans for future growth and projects. SynapseIndia owner & CEO Shamit Khemka mentioned that While all businesses are naturally goal oriented in some way, goal orientation plays an important role in focus and fund allocation. Goal orientation also plays a part in management styles and information technology projects.

Shamit Khemka defined Goal Orientation in terms of Management and IT Workplace as:

Being Goal Oriented in Management

In management circles, goal orientation is more emphasized on individual training and leadership qualities of an individual. Managers study what goals motivate different types of employees the most, some may be more attracted to increased bonuses, while others may enjoy the acclaim, the teamwork or simply the increased success of the business. Different types of coaching may be necessary for different approaches to goals. In other ways, Shamit Khemka always motivates the managers to break down company goals into more ideal pieces for employees and teams to deal with one at a time.

Being Goal Oriented at IT Workplace

In IT departments, employees must often work to create or fix applications that allow others to analyze or access data. These applications have many different interfaces that users must interact with to reach their end goal like a particular sum, chart or other result. Good goal orientation leads to the creation of easy-to-use interfaces that show an understanding of the goals users have and how they can be reached.

People, who have definite goals in life, achieve far more than others who are simply drifting through their life. Earning money is definitely a necessity but it is not the sole requisite for living a complete life. Setting realistic goals is important to achieving milestones and finding meaning in life. Goal oriented individuals have a higher rate of success and growth than others.

Another important step is to believe in your goal. Unless you believe that a certain goal is important, achieving it becomes difficult. Stumbling blocks should be creating a stronger resolve to overcome challenges and achieve the targets you have set.

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka also pointed out challenges in achieving goal and hence, provided a simple and sure shot remedy for it. Take simple steps all oriented towards achieving the larger goal. Complete commitment and focus on the larger goal is important at every step and sooner or later it will be achieved in the right manner.

Shamit Khemka is the C.E.O. of IT Outsourcing Giant SynapseIndia and has been successfully running the organization embedded with the most important core value of organization of being Goal Oriented.